Listen to what CAROLE ALFORD, Past Chair of the RNHA & up until recently Managing Director of THE PENTLOW NURSING AND CARE GROUP, said about us:-

“I must admit I was very sceptical about what you could achieve – after all, it was almost an impossible task for you to persuade my team to reconcile the question of care at the same time as talking about increasing profits. However, I have been converted. Your system has helped us not only to improve the quality of our care, but also our profits, and I have every belief in our ability to become one of the best nursing home businesses in the country”.


Michael Ogilvie has spoken at numerous care home conferences and seminars over the last twenty years, and The Profit Team are working all over the country not only with individual privately owned care homes but also nationally owned groups of homes to improve their profitability.


Listen to what AVNISH GOYAL, managing director of the Hallmark Healthcare Group, says about us:-

“Hallmark Healthcare are delighted with the help and innovative advice given to us by Michael Ogilvie and The Profit Team. Our goal is to set new standards in the care industry, and to have a group of Care Homes that are recognised as the best in the country. Michael and The Profit Team are proving to be invaluable helping us along this journey”.


Read some more testimonials below:

Geoff Hoare – Huntington House

As company directors, Marilyn & I are extremely impressed with their unrivalled knowledge of the care industry (Michael Ogilvie is a keynote speaker to care home conferences), their desire to help, their passion to make us more profitable, and their attention to detail, the like of which we have not experienced before whether it be from a one-man-band accountant or a top ten firm who shall remain unnamed.

Since taking back the bookkeeping function from the management company, I have struggled to find an in-house administrator who can perform the necessary day-to-day nursing home admin duties as well assist me with the bookkeeping. We are so happy to have found the solution to this particular problem….more


Jeanette Citarella – Training Manager Pentlow Care Group

Thank you for your impressive demonstration, convincing people that they can do anything if they’ve got attitude! As I said, you should invite the people who attend the breakfast meetings to do the same. The girl you worked with, really went through a complete learning process and came in today, to say how much you have helped her. Thank you again.

PS Maybe I should try a thicker bit of wood – or even walk on hot coals. I have always learned when attending your sessions.


Sally – Care Assistant Pentlow Care Group

At the end of the session I was surprised to hear Michael was an Accountant. His “Attitude for Success” is catching – I think he should be working in the field of teaching others how to overcome their fears and reach for the stars. With his support and a positive attitude then anything is possible…..more


Avnish Goyal – Hallmark Healthcare Group

I have heard you speak often and you get better every time. Your recent speech at the Care Home Conference at The Millennium Stadium in Cardiff challenged and entertained the audience so much, I know they will want you back for more.


Push Patel – CEO Westgate Healthcare Group

Your Presentation to our Managers on 31st May 2011

Thank you once again for a challenging, provocative and inspirational presentation to our managers, which was just what we needed in these difficult times.

As I mentioned to you when you were leaving, we believe that this was the best business development presentation we have ever had, and I thinnk will prove to have a significant impact on our future profitability.