All You Need To Know On Virtual Financial Director Services at OBC

Virtual FD stands for Virtual Financial Director Services. OBC acknowledges that all businesses, regardless of size, face the same issues as they come up, Therefore, it uses this line of thought to make sure that all businesses and corporations have the same high-quality financial opportunities as do the rest of the enterprises in the market. This care-home accountant company includes this service as part of the services it offers, meaning that it helps the business owner reduce the risk, complications, and drawbacks of employing a financial director personally. Below are some of the tasks that OBC virtual FD will take care of in your business.

The Eight OBC Virtual Financial Director Services

OBC aims at kick-starting business growth by offering the following services:

1. Care home accountants review the performance of operations and systems within the business to improve the quality of how the business runs

2. Care home accountants prepare the forecasts and budgets of the business. This helps to reduce the risks and costs within the business, as a way of maximizing the profits of the business.

3. Care home accountants attend board meeting on behalf of the manager

4. The financial directors manage the business accounts on a monthly basis.

5. Care home accountants can double as company secretaries when the need arises.

6. The control and implement financial systems of the business as the manager and his or her team go about their tasks.

7. Financial directors can liaise with external parties to the business on behalf of the manager such as the bank, HMRC, stakeholders, and even auditors.

8. Care home accountants manage and control the movement of cash within the business.

OBC works to provide their clients with three virtual financial director services. They are crunch boards, Xero cloud accounting software, and receipt bank cloud software.

• Crunch boards- OBC use this suite to provide the business of the client with updated financial records. The boards entail predictive scenarios and boards that use non-financial and Xero data to settle on its results successfully. It is a strategic planning initiative for your business in a bid to fast truck the achievement of your business goals.

• Xero cloud accounting software- This software helps your business achieve high-quality accountability. It allows the manager to share their business numbers with the accountant and the entire care home team. It allows the performance of the following actions: online payment, access to cash flow at any time of the day, automatic sending of invoices to the respective recipients’, and the importation and coding of ban transactions as they happen.

• Receipt Bank cloud software- Companies share the same hassle when it comes to record keeping of bank receipts. They are faced with the tragedy of loss or destruction of bank receipts. This software comes in to alleviate businesses against this hassle. The software works to change the physical receipts into data that is accessible by anyone in the company. Instead of printing receipts, the data can be sent directly to the business via mobile apps, post, email, or any other convenient form of transferring information.

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